Why static cooling commercial refrigerator is the trend now?

When set up a new F&B shop in Malaysia, included the restaurant, café, kopitiam, kiosk, or food truck, you need commercial refrigerators for your daily food stock basis. There are two common type of refrigerators in the Malaysia market which is the static cooling system and fan cooling system.

Static cooling system had been in the market for long period. Why does people still using static cooling system than fan cooling system?

Most of the restaurant in Japan & Korea Restaurant are using static cooling system commercial refrigerators. The performance for static cooling system commercial refrigerators are powerful. The temperature are consistent, which means the temperature inside the refrigerators are consistent for long hours. The good air circulation which can keeps the food or fruits fresh for a longer time.

We know that commercial refrigerators consume the most power consumption because F&B restaurant owner need to switch it on for 24 hours everyday. The commercial refrigerators with static cooling system are energy efficient, the temperature are consistent. Maintain the temperature inside the commercial refrigerator because you need to open and closed the fridge door more than 200 times in one day.

Service and Maintenance

With static cooling system commercial refrigerators, you don’t need to spend a lot of extra cost to do the service maintenance. If compare to the fan cooling system (also known as frost free system commercial refrigerators), static cooling system using piping system, the compartment is lesser and the maintenance need 2 times in one year.

As we know that with the energy efficient feature, the price will be 2-3 times more expensive than the normal commercial refrigerators. The static cooling system commercial refrigerators are much cheaper than the fan cooling system commercial refrigerators. Static cooling system commercial refrigerator it’s the recommendation for the new setup F&B shop owner.