Every time when we plan the layout of the kitchen, commercial refrigerator is the biggest problem because we might not where is the suitable place to place the refrigerator. We usually will consult on the F&B Consultant to place everything in a right place to increase the efficient of the serving.

Usually we have one counter freezer and one counter chiller at bar counter section.

At least one upright freezer and one upright chiller will be inside the kitchen.

But, how to place the commercial refrigerator inside the kitchen?


This is the example of the placement of the fridge in the kitchen:


As you can see from the picture, we can find out the refrigerator are always at the corner in the kitchen.


Few of the tips you need to know when you place the refrigerator in the kitchen.

  • Please have a gap between 5-10cm distance from the side of the kitchen cabinet and the wall. (side) and also don’t forget to leave around 10cm distance behind the wall.
  • Please do not place the refrigerator near cooking stove, oven, dish washer, hot water dispenser & kitchen equipment which will generate the heat when using. This is because the heat might cause the electrical consumption high.
  • Avoid the sink area and also washing area to prevent when we are washing the plate or prepare the food, the water might splash on the refrigerator. These will cause the electricity shock when operation.
  • Please avoid by using 3 pin multi plug, as the power of the refrigerator is different from the normal plug.


If you still have some concern or doubt, you may drop us an email to enquiry@fnbkitchenequipment.com for more information