As a new start up F&B business owner, what is the MUST BUY item?

It’s commercial refrigerators.

It’s because you need the commercial refrigerators to keep the freshness of the food.

How to choose the suitable commercial refrigerators for your restaurant to increase the efficiency of your operation and quality of your food. Commercial refrigerators are a huge investment, let’s do some little research before shopping around.

Firstly, ask yourself these question to have more clear picture.

  • What type of your restaurant?
  • How much the space is available for commercial refrigerators?
  • What kind of food or materials that you need to keep inside the commercial refrigerators?
  • What menu items that require for freezing?
  • What menu items that require cold-storage/chiller?
  • Are you creating a showcase where patrons can watch the food being prepared?
  • The quantity of storage for uncooked and pre-cooked items.


The common type of Commercial Refrigerator:

Reach-in commercial refrigerators – Commercial refrigerators feature shallow shelves so that food can easily be grabbed. They are usually upright and can feature one to four doors.

Under counter commercial refrigerators – Worktop refrigerators are a must for the preparation line. They have a work space across the top and refrigerated storage underneath. They commonly come in refrigerated preparation table and pizza preparation table styles.