These are the recommended steps to help you to do a weekly basis cleaning. Do these cleaning the restaurant owner able to maintain the life span of the commercial refrigerator.

Thing needs to prepare for do a cleaning: old newspaper, cloth, sponge, washing-up detergent, hand glove & cooler bag.


These are the few step to clean the refrigerator


1. Unplug the refrigerator

2. Unload all the foods and ice inside the freezer. Some of the items you can placed inside the cooler bag.

3. Remove all the detachable shelves and drawer from the freezer and place them in the sink.

4. Open all the doors. Boiled a kettle of hot water. Wet the tower with the hot water and slowly wash down the sides and the bottom of the refrigerator. You can use a stand fan to speed up the process of thaw.

5. While waiting for ice to melt, wash all the detachable shelves and drawer with the washing-up detergent, rinse and dry it.

6. Use a wet towel to clean the door seal and gaskets after cleaning the shelves.


7. If you want to speed up the defrost process, you can try these method:

  • Place a large container of hot water in the freezer. The hot steam will speed up to melt the ice off the interior of your freezer. If the size of your freezer is bigger, replace the container of the hot water few times depending the amount of frost.
  • You may also use the old hair dryer and set it to the low heat settings and blow it to the surface of the ice, use the hot air to speed up the defrost process. Please aware about the melting water might contact with the dryer, it may cause the shortage of electricity.

8. Once all of the ice melted, drain the water with the drainage tube. Use wet towel mixed up with the hot water & washing up detergent, clean all the interior surface of the freezer.

9. Spray some water and use the dry towel to clean up the surface of the interior of freezer.

10. Replace and reorganize your frozen foods back to freezer. Organize all the frozen foods by type and remove the oldest stock or expired stock, so that your fridge will become more organize and cooler.