Choosing the right commercial refrigerators able to help your restaurant to increase the efficiency of the operation, and it will help you to improve the quality of your food.

Most of the restaurant doesn’t spare the stock on daily basis. So the restaurant need the commercial refrigerators to store the food to maintain the freshness of the food.

Commercial refrigerators consider as a huge investment in each restaurant. You need to spend at least RM 2000 and above for each commercial refrigerator. Besides that, you are not only spending for one commercial refrigerators in your restaurant. So it’s important to do a research before making any decision.


There are few things you need to consider before choosing the refrigerator.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Commercial refrigerators consume the most power electricity because you need to switch it on 24 hours daily to keep the freshness of food. You may need to consider about the commercial refrigerators contain of the energy efficient label and also the energy consumption, which will help you to save on big money in the long term.


  1. Powerful and consistent cooling

With the powerful and consistent cooling of your commercial refrigerators, the temperature inside the commercial refrigerators are able to maintain at the same temperature. The unstable of the temperature may cause the harmful bacteria growth. Another good thing is when maintain at the same temperature, the commercial refrigerators will not consume more electricity during operation hour.


  1. Low Service Maintenance

We know that the commercial refrigerators parts need to maintain every month to keep the temperature of the refrigerator. There is also an expenses for service maintenance of the commercial refrigerator. You may choose the commercial refrigerators that less service maintenance in other to help you to save the cost.


  1. Reasonable Price

Pricing are part of the factor when you are decided to buy anything for your restaurant. The commercial refrigerators consider as a high expense for the restaurant. One commercial refrigerator cost around RM 2000 to RM 5000 or above. Restaurant owner must be more considerable when choosing the right commercial refrigerator for your restaurant.