Korean Number One Choice of Static Cooling Refrigerator

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REDOR 3000R – Upright Chiller

RM2,920.00 RM2,699.00

REDOR 5000R – Upright Chiller

RM4,110.00 RM3,850.00

REDOR 8000R – Upright Chiller

RM6,200.00 RM5,950.00

REDOR 2200UCR – Under Counter Chiller

RM2,680.00 RM2,580.00

REDOR 2500UCR – Under Counter Chiller

RM2,990.00 RM2,860.00

REDOR 2800UCR – Under Counter Chiller

RM3,480.00 RM3,280.00

REDOR 2200UCF – Under Counter Freezer

RM2,930.00 RM2,830.00

REDOR 3000F – Upright Freezer

RM3,070.00 RM2,880.00

REDOR 5000F – Upright Freezer

RM4,460.00 RM4,200.00

REDOR 8000F – Upright Freezer

RM6,300.00 RM5,900.00

REDOR 2500UCF – Under Counter Freezer

RM3,250.00 RM3,050.00

REDOR 2800UCF – Under Counter Freezer

RM3,850.00 RM3,600.00
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